Thank you, President Obama

You were consistent. You didn’t seek to serve yourself, but instead, others. You were not a paranoid narcissist. You never sent anyone a NATO invoice. You knew what you were doing; you did your job well and with great style.

The Rebellion of Rest

We must disrupt the signal that is pulling everyone’s heads down to consume more and more and more info by putting our heads down to pray and rest and nap.

Shabbat Shalom

Now, I see the opportunity of Sabbath observance in every moment that I breathe in God’s grace in Christ as Oxygen. I breath Him and the prayerful devotional life in very deeply and exhale everything else that doesn’t serve my highest good very slowly and measured as if I am disposing of toxic waste.

Amnion: Gestating in Living Water

Samsara is the creative force of life, in all of its beauty and terror, supplying our wombs with enough energy to sustain rebirth.

Woke: Seeing Christ Beyond Form

The path to clarity is long and of obedience to an unseen force of intelligence so great, so unconstrained that it spreads like fire and consumes form.

As a Christian, I Support Trans Rights. Here is why:

Pluralism and inclusiveness are principles I stand upon as a person of faith. This is dialogue I shared with someone on the subject who considers herself a Christian conservative and African-American. I think it is important to note that I respect and honor her beliefs and her path, but it is important to edify Christ’s…

Doxology: Yes We Must (Care for The Earth)!

Sisters and Brothers from one mother: Mother Earth, we are called to protect the future of our human family. Do not turn against those different from you in any way. Instead, a want you to remember that the holy land is not a singular place, but instead, the entirety of Earth and space.


When I was born into the world, I took on my father’s name. I bore the weight of his name and died. When I was reborn as a woman, I took on my husband’s name I bore the weight of his name and died. I was born again, H o l l o w  …

If You Keep Quiet at A Time Like This…

We must birth a culture that celebrates science, spirituality, art, and nature. We must embody such a confidence in Christ that we are not threatened by the reevaluation of traditions or even what it means to be a woman. Let us welcome all who identify as women, uplifting and encouraging each and every mother and maiden and crone to proudly share her light with the world.