Happiness is a Warp Core

What you do not possess within, you will never find outside of yourself.  There is just no way those external delights of the physical world – money, power, possessions (yes even the car I really want to sell you) will ever be an anchor to your happiness.  Moreover, whatever you believe, you feel on the inside, and those feelings chart the course of your life in significant and subtle ways.

When I look around at the state of “things” happening in the world, sometimes I get scared. Not only does humanity seem less happy, our brothers and sisters seem to be completely fine with harming one another.

I know exactly what you are thinking – well, it depends on where you look. Yes! You have understood the primary principle of happiness. Where are you searching?

The search for happiness is an individual quest that shoots off in all sorts of directions and when ignited can barely be contained.  Just imagine a whole bunch of photon torpedoes coming straight out of the Enterprise. Captain Picard says “Engage” and next thing you know what was within the warp core is sent out into space.

I know that I am a nerd!

If we were to awaken our inner Picard and direct our energy toward acts of joy, what would happen? How would we see ourselves and others?  What would be the equal and opposite reaction?

Not to criticize our preceding generation harshly, I would say that the status quo of our shared American culture has trained us to think that money, fame, and all the trimmings of a house (we most of the time can’t afford), car, 2.5 kids, and that designer handbag will make us all feel so good; a stick of gum will solve our problems.

In the automotive industry I see a lot of people get high off of making a big purchase. Maybe it’s the new car smell, or the idea that new is better, I am not certain, but the fall into the downward spiral of buyers remorse is very real, and no one seems to know how to make it stop. This behavior of always wanting more exacerbates the microwave happiness of the digital age in which we live now: it takes a minute to create, but use it quickly – it will harden and become indigestible.

A solution based thinker, my first question to those of you struggling with happiness goes like this:

What about trying a little happying happiness?

“What the hell is that,” you say?

Happying happiness is happiness that comes from the acts of love and service. It feels like an explosion of light in your chest and burns like an unquenchable fire.  I can only tell you what makes me feel so happy that I may just die (pups, babies crying, my husband’s smile, dancing), but your list is your own. What I can tell you that the first place you look is deep within your warp core.

Living intentionally, means being aware of your ability to make a conscious choice to feel a certain emotion, and create a certain environment for yourself.  Happiness is the path to living a life of deliberate peace.

BECOME it!  Relish the first light of the sun in the morning and remember that you have eyes to actually see. Stretch your body and feel the rise of the life-force energy that has sustained and protected you all these years.  Dance yourself into your day by finding the smallest little miracles to sing about.  Let happiness pour out in your morning cuppa as you prepare to traverse the highways, back roads, and gridlock you commit yourself to in order to create a healthy life.  Celebrate the miracle of just what is.  Keep it up, and you will see pinholes of light shine through the illusion of materialism, selfishness, and apathy.  Embody happiness and you will receive happiness.

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