The Great Equalizer

Recognize and honor the mortal body

Death is a doorway

-:-See the truth, the word, the humming reverence for life-:-

The portal will open

The tomb will be empty

Yet the trees will be fed.
Your infinite divinity

Is your birthright and purpose.

You are an ancestor

You are a teacher

You are a part

of the new world that awaits


When we see the art of transition in its truest form – the rite of death – the spirit body grows in strength and power. Death cannot be seen as a harbinger of doom that opposes life, but instead an amplifier of the immeasurable power of spirit in all of its forms. Death is a punctuation of our immortal bodies, a great equalizer that sets each and every person on a new, uncharted path.

So then, what is there to fear? And why does it hurt so much when we lose someone we love?

We live in an extremely sanitized culture that dresses up the embalmed dead to profess triumph over the inevitable and to be looked upon as complete, once more.  Every part of us wants to continue, to be immortal. We cannot deny it.

Here is a question:

Would we fight over principalities, wealth, and the accumulation therein, if we saw the decomposition of the very thing we are fighting for? What would happen if we allowed our diseased perspectives to naturally decompose so that a new leaf could sprout?  Would there be such thing as greed?

To live a life of discovery is to celebrate mystery with fervent curiosity.

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