The Great Escape

When you put on your human clothes,

Do not forget who you really are.

While you are wearing your costume,

Don’t fall for cheap praise that costs more than what you’re wearing.

Hide what you normally show,

Show what you normally hide,

Smoke and bent out of shape mirrors.

Skin is your straight jacket,

Life, your magic trick.

Loosen yourself from the tightly locked box

held under the crushing press of nighttime waters.

As you struggle breathe, let your heart whisper secrets to your throat.

Break yourself to break the chains around you.

thrash wildly against the clutches of mortality,

Remove the key from beneath your tongue,

Unlock the mystery of your escape.




Rising to the surface of reflected light of lights,

you are weightless,

slightly broken,




Sunlight gathers sunlight in this unknown, burdenless place.

And I gather you to my bosom,

and to my shores,

and to my forests,

and to my  deserts,

and to my midnights and dawns,

So that I may also learn the magic of release.

When the day comes and the veil is lifted,

and my eyes no longer serve me,

and my humanity is so heavy it curves my back,

and my children’s children are great and wise,

I will lift my tongue and remove the key,

break myself,

and fly away.


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