A Breath of Life

Oh God of many facets,

Craft me in your myriad ways.

Be mother to me,

And birth me from your womb.

Be father to me,

And develop my path of knowledge.

Be friend to me,

And comfort me in times of uncertainty.

Be hero to me,

And help me take up the arms of your word.

If I look at all aspects of you at once,

I find myself overwhelmed by light.

You make my world,

And yet

You keep me in the womb of  your creative realm.

There, you give me




That are a mere prism of your glory.

You are revenant and yet pristine


Clothed in the universe

Atom and matter,

The space between every cell of me.

Who could ever escape meeting your face?

Who would ever want to?

For when I look at the mastery of this world,

my soul expands with the rain cloud.

My heart beams with the heat of the sun.

My smile radiates nourishment to the trees.

Thank you for this gift!

For all that is contained in this sphere of phenomena,

Is but a cell in your body,

A thought in your mind,

A pause in your grand day,






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