Prayer for Abandonment Issues

Okay, God –

So, you now how I once sought love in all the wrong places?  I sought validation from people who ended up leaving me behind?

That was the pinnacle of my suffering.

It was my father,

My brother,

My sister,

My grandmother,

My lovers,

Even my mother couldn’t hang on and died.

But you showed me, through these moments of grief,

That my true family is holy.

That my earth family is much larger than the haunted, troubled souls that raised me.

I still love them, Lord…

I forgive them and I am grateful for them,

Because they brought me closer to you.

I am grateful to them for introducing you and I,

Even through acts of violence and hatred.

I pray for them to know you as I do.

I pray for them to find healing in the spirit of your love and grace.

I cling to you, oh Holy One, for you dwell deep within my unseen places.

My vital organs are chalices of your wonderment,

My hands radiate your healing love.

Carry that healing love to those that need it most,

And let that love sustain and nourish me in all my greetings and departures,


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