A Prayer for Unity in a Time of Insanity

You know God (I mean you really know) —

It really surprises me when Christianity is seen as a restrictive or conservative religion.  Jesus was certainly not conservative and what you have shown us in the Old Testament also speaks otherwise:

Women who were masters of feminine power and sex work were queens.

The despised (see above) and the foreign were not feared, but instead were sages and disciples. 

Tax collectors, liars, and those who sold out their own kind were considered friends on the path, gathered together by the unconditional love of Jesus, as you commanded.

All these people were blessed by you, the rejected and marginalized still continue to be blessed by you to this day.

Those that have twisted your words for affluence and political gain, I have no time for. I will not worship them even if I were commanded to. Those who exclude people from your Holy Communion table incite anger, but I want to pray for them. Help them to see what your love is really about. For there is great upheaval in the world right now.

Please give me the courage and the strength to honor and stand up for the rights you gave to all of us.

Please help us to remove judgment from our own hearts because, ultimately, we fear judgement from your almighty hand.

Let the people of this world be unified as a family like the threads of Joseph’s multicolored coat. May we all be brought to our senses in this age of great insanity and idolatry; may all of us: women, men, foreign, native, displaced, and ego driven be seen for who we are.

We are an aspect of you, a cell in your mind, a product of your infinite intelligence, children birthed from your womb, with a seat at the table of Communion.







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