When I was born into the world,

I took on my father’s name.

I bore the weight of his name and died.

When I was reborn as a woman,

I took on my husband’s name

I bore the weight of his name and died.

I was born again,

H o l l o w    was my true name,

searching for love,

I took on another husband’s name.

I bore the weight of his name and died.

And when I died three times,

A doorway to another realm opened and I was invited through it.

It was a searching place.

I searched for meaning beyond the realms of natural order, tradition, and oppression.

I met the Holy Spirit

Mother of the Universe

Giver of life

Catalyst to Evolution

Mother of the Messiah

Creator of Compassion

She said:

“Take up my light,  fill your holes and scars. Pass the healing on to those who need it.”

I took her love and declared our union holy.

I took up her yoke and performed miracles.

I became Brigid and walked through doors of fire.

I became Kwan Yin and cleansed the broken with my tears.

I washed the feet of Christ with my feminine power;

The stardust in his sandals adorns my hair.

The universe is my crown!

My eyes are suns,

My tongue, flames,

My breasts, nebulae,

My vagina, a portal to the creative realm,

All contained within a brown sanctuary that will become a sepulcher once again.

My hands are bloody with remnants of my womb.

I have given birth

I bleed for love.

My love is untamed:

An altar,

A sacrifice,

A seed,

A garden,

A stirring of spirit,

A movement in the world,

And when I died, I lived.

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