Doxology: Yes We Must (Care for The Earth)!

To My Sisters and Brothers —

Our politicians may be lacking morals, ethics, and integrity, but our mother, Mother Earth does not.  The four winds enlighten us, the forests protect us, and the soil gives us new life.

Right now we must remember that we are a miracle of intelligence, children of clay, raised by the molten core of an aware earth.

If there is one thing I know about our Mother Earth, it is that she is





Mother Earth Does Not Suffer Fools Lightly.

Let us continue to advocate for the well-being of our Earth. Let us walk on her skin as holy ground, and let us protect her from being raped in the dark of night by those infected by the disease of greed. We must continue to press onward! Yes We Must!

Yes we must advocate for clean air.

Yes we must advocate for clean water.

Yes we must advocate to stop fracking and yes we must continue to advocate against the Dakota Access Pipeline, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and more.Yes, the list goes on and on and on. But we cannot grow tired. We have an important task ahead of us.

Yes we must advocate for Mother Earth’s voice to be heard.

Yes we must advocate for others to possess the sensitivity to be able to hear the earth speak loudly and confidently over the “Cha-Ching” of a detrimental business deal that will harm all of us in the long run. This is sacred land and we have to make that message very clear.

Take up Your Courage and Love.

During this time, we are being called to higher and higher levels of courage. The God you understand and you know may not be exactly the same as the God I understand and I know, but we can both agree that God is love and love never fails. Love is calling you to stand with the forgotten and honor the fallen. Love calls you to remember the words of prophets, teachers, and the Messiah and act with honor, respect and discernment. Love is calling you to rise above pettiness and speak the truth without bitterness. Love is calling you to take no more crap from anyone for any reason, so as to incite change in the world from a singular decision. The decision to persist, the decision is to refrain from hiding your head in the sand; refrain from running away.

Love is calling you to stand with your calloused soles firmly planted, your eyes awakened from a slumber of deception, your hands open to give, receive, and to clap for the joy of a new blessing. We must begin to expect positive outcomes from our negative experiences. We must trust ourselves to grow through our adversity. We must expect nothing less from our peers and our leaders. We must build our lives upon the consciousness of God, not with the desire to build a Tower of Babel but instead a bridge to unity.

Sisters and Brothers from one mother: Mother Earth, we are called to protect the future of our human family. Do not turn against those different from you in any way.  Instead,  I want you to remember that the holy land is not a singular place, but instead, the entirety of Earth and space.


Glory to you God of all peoples, to Jesus: healer and friend, to spirit dwelling within. Praise be yours forever. 

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