As a Christian, I Support Trans Rights. Here is why:

Pluralism and inclusiveness are principles I stand upon as a person of faith. This is dialogue I shared with someone on the subject who considers herself a Christian conservative and African-American. I think it is important to note that I respect and honor her beliefs and her path, but it is important to edify Christ’s teachings as well:
“I think that it is important to explore views on both sides of the fence, however, the authority that we are bound to is not a political power but The Christ, who welcomed and affirmed all people, no matter their station, sexuality or profession. His broken body made all things new, all food clean to eat, and disposed of divisive laws that lead to the brutalizing of a misunderstood people into a communion table where not only all are welcome, but also, all have choice. Choice to be who they know themselves to be. That included transgender people, women, slaves, free, deplorables, liberals, and conservatives. When you go to meet Christ at the communion table, don’t be surprised if you see Ghandi, Harvey Milk, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Laverne Cox all partaking of the blessings of the spirit of love and sacrifice. Don’t be fooled by the world but instead overcome it with a sense of unity so strong that it transforms your discomfort and fear into compassion, tolerance and acceptance, just as Christ wanted it to be and died for it to be.”

Additionally we observe a pluralistic God of both masculine and feminine natures, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. What if transgender people are Gods way of teaching us the limitlessness of a Trinitarian view of the world?

If you believe in the trinity you must believe that all things are possible. Therefore, being transgender is not an affliction or disease, but instead a divine teaching through our humanity, just as Christ was human and divine.

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