Cultural Sensitivity 101

Cultural sensitivity is a spiritual practice of embracing our diverse humanity without capping the beautiful potential each one of us holds. We all have biases that are hidden in the back of our minds, weighing us down. Now is our opportunity to energize ourselves and society with renewed perspectives, healed wounds, and the power to shut down hate.

Cultural Sensitivity 101 is a dialogue based, interactive class forum that empowers all people to understand the roots of cultural, structural, and direct violence in our society as outlined by Johan Galtung.

Learn to identify direct and indirect racism and phobic discrimination (e.g. transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia). Develop communication skills to speak out and diffuse derogatory behavior and develop tools to empower a culture of peace. Be supported and bolstered in a safe place to express yourself openly about your experiences with discrimination.

Class is facilitated by Anj Dixon, D.Div and will be held at the SHALOM HOUSE on Knoxville Church of The Savior campus.



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