Thank you, President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I miss you so much. You were the best president of my lifetime for many reasons, but here are some that I think about in this current political climate.

You worked for equality for all people and stood your ground for pluralism. You were the coolest cat even if you wore mom jeans. Your bromance with Joe Biden was heartening, I laugh at your Buzzfeed videos and tear up at pics of your friendship bracelets. You worked hard to make your policies clear for all people to understand. You admitted your mistakes. You celebrated the arts and  sciences, faith, truth and reason. You freed imprisoned people. You raised your daughters to be down to earth. You created jobs! You also have an impeccable sense of humor and possess the ability to laugh at yourself. You are respectful to women and love and honored your wife. You embodied courage in the face of hate even when the hate came from the very people you advocated for.

You comforted your wife when she was called “an ape in heels” and you and your family still held your heads high. Your amazing wife Michelle (who has fabulous arms, by the way) cultivated a deep friendship with George W. Bush and has helped open his mind for the greater good. You had poetry slams in the white house. You quit smoking (for the most part). You gave us affordable health care.

You attended the White House Correspondence Dinners and celebrated the pursuit of truth in journalism. You came to Knoxville, Tennessee and offered free college tuition for all Americans. You decreased the unemployment rate to an all-time low. You worked with the press and didn’t make them your enemy. You spoke of inclusiveness and pluralism and never spoke a word of hate to any people. You maintained our internet privacy. You maintained the EPA. You said climate change is real.

You celebrated the lives of Jazz singers, you let young African-American boys touch your hair to make sure you were real and that their dreams were possible.

You were consistent. You didn’t seek to serve yourself, but instead, others. You were not a paranoid narcissist. You never sent anyone a NATO invoice. You knew what you were doing; you did your job well and with great style.

Thank you so much for understanding the multi-faceted capacity that it takes to be president: to understand policy, to be an upstanding, conscientious person who values American lives over political gain, who never misused the White House platform to promote blood diamonds, who understood the true meaning of national security and who most of all understood the American struggle. You struggled with us to make this country even more amazing. You work is not unseen and it can never be erased.

Sir, you under-promised and over-delivered and America ache’s for your leadership right now.  We truly didn’t realize how good we had it. I apologize for taking you for granted and for taking so long to write you this note.

With deep Gratitude,


Anj J. Dixon.

A proud American who still stands with you.

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