Christians: Stop Using Human Sexuality as A Moral Battleground.


Yesterday, my husband and I took a day trip to Twin Arches, a beautiful place here in East Tennessee that boasts of an awe-inspiring landscape and beautifully fearsome cliffs that make you feel so small. I wanted to celebrate spring with a meditation on one of the cliffs overlooking sun-dappled new trees.  Welcome to the resurrection. On our two-hour drive there, Eric and I had a conversation about sex work after we stopped at truck stop gas station to use their restroom. While I was in the restroom, there was this young girl – a haggard nineteen –  crying over the sink talking to an older woman in the stalls.

“I’m not stupid, I know how to protect myself, but he stiffed me my money.” She lamented.  She went on to talk about how she feared reprisal from her pimp for what would be the equivalent of a dine and ditch in the prostitution world. When I got back to the car, my heart ached for her and I feared for her. She reminded me of the growing problem with sex trafficking that we have in this country that we choose to ignore. But all over this country, especially at truck stops, there are girls and boys as young as eleven years old that are being used as human capital, kidnapped from their homes and robbed of their innocence. They are made to smell, taste, touch, and be penetrated by the genitals of a much older stranger.

“If sex work were legal,” I said to Eric “that woman would be protected and she would be able to practice sex safely and in a more dignified manner.”

Sex: An Amoral Act of Nature.

Sex and sexuality are the reasons why we are here. It is an act of nature that is so unique there are infinite ways that sexuality can be acted out and expressed. There are some species with sexual functions that we don’t yet understand.  When we see animals procreating, we see them enjoying themselves, making a life, having a life… Hell, my dogs who are both spayed and neutered give one another oral sex all the time and I think it is a beautiful thing.

How can we all be carbon-based creatures of God, who arrived by way of coitus, have such a double standard about something we all need? Why do we punish ourselves and one another over masturbation or the person in which we feel sexually attracted to when it is scientifically proven that sex is aerobic, boosts endorphins and the immune system, and also combats depression?  If you’re having sex properly, it can save and enhance your life in so many ways.

Let’s Talk About Anatomy.

Clitoris. Clitoral hood. Vagina. Vulva. Labia majora. Labia minora. cervix. Areola. Nipple. Breasts. Penis. Testicles. Anus. Tongue. Lips. Eyes. Fingers. Toes. Mind. Imagination. Legs. Arms.  Skin. Hair.

Fact: The above mentioned words are not profane, but all real words used in the real world. What is frustrating in a world where female qualities are forced into subordination to male qualities – we can talk openly and freely about male body parts on a public platform without reprisal, but we cannot talk about, and therefore cannot celebrate, female anatomy or barely discuss menstrual blood without a negative connotation.  


A friend recently asked me if I believed that Jesus was perfect and born of an immaculate conception.  I, of course, said no.  Jesus was human just like you and me. He was a red-blooded, swarthy, dark-skinned young Palestinian man with no recorded physical disabilities (which means he was likely a very sexual person), who enjoyed spending time with women and revered sex workers. He was known to sometimes drink to excess and get pissed off; he especially got pissed off at a system that devalued women, worshiped money, and created systems of inequality.  That’s the Jesus I know. That is the Jesus I love.

Conservative Christians, I hate to burst your bubble (sorry, not sorry), but Jesus was not  a snow-white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, immaculately conceived man who died a virgin. He didn’t create oppressive father-daughter virginity pacts, or any other moralistic rule that you have erected (in the place of a healthy penis) that makes you feel comfortable to be in your bubble of slut-shaming, punishment of sin, and reward for denying your true nature and the nature of others. Look again, read about him again, look at a map and see where he was born.  Look at the people he surrounded himself with, see who he judged harshly and see who he served. See who called him holy. Stop punishing yourselves and others. Live and let live. 

So if you still believe that Jesus is the Son of God and he is divine, then how are any of us different than him? Why would our sexuality, in all of its unique diversity,  prevent us from being any less holy? Wouldn’t being sexually satisfied make us more holy just from the contentment alone? 

Call it What it Really Is.

I think at this point in our growth as a nation it is naive to say that we live in a democratic society when right there on our money is printed “In God We Trust,” and we have an entire political party that is devoted to moralistic politics based on one religion.

Unfortunately what I am describing is a theocracy.

The dangers of living under theocratic rule is that hate begins to run rampant. We see people being killed for the “glory of God” because their gender identity doesn’t conform to the law of the land/God’s law.

Little girls and boys are being trafficked because we don’t possess the maturity or even enough deductive reasoning to see that sex is an amoral part of life. Christians use religiosity and law to justify acts of prejudice, hatred, discrimination, and the immoral act of defunding programs that would empower those struggling with underprivilaged living.

Then there are the clergy who hide behind their robes, who betray their public persona by engaging in sexual acts that seem most natural to them (see Ted Haggard), or have so much self-hatred they cannot stop themselves from harming children (see Catholic priests). Don’t even get me started on conversion therapy.

None of us can control another person, nor should we want to. In a healthy relationship with a higher power, self, and others, we are free to be who we are. So Christians, you gotta know that what your doing is inherently Anti-Christian. You worship and Anti-Christ, a total mock-up of the real thing, and it pisses me off that you do such things in the name of someone so awesome who is my friend.

If you want to discriminate, stop using Jesus and making sexuality a moral battleground in which we are all casualties. Call your acts what they really are: hate.

Sex Work Should Be Legal.

I am a Christian who has a personal relationship with the brown, prostitute loving, sexually conceived, courageous human Christ who recognized his spiritual potential and became divine.  I believe that sex work should be legal and here is a list of reasons why:

1.) Sex work is real work.

Whether you want to believe it or not, sex work is real. It takes intelligence, effort, and technique. It also should have regulations and safety measures to protect both worker and recipient.

2.) Legal Sex Work Could Eliminate Rape Culture.

Rape culture is all around us, ubiquitous in our culture so much so that we have been programmed to believe that a woman is a slut just based on what she wears. When a young girl has the courage to come forward about being raped, her perpetrator is protected more often then held responsible. Our current president is best known for sexual assault, FFS!

Prostitutes are used, abused, and killed. The truth is, the act of sex is the most beautiful act of nature. It isn’t a right, nor a privilege; sex is a fact of life.  By making sex work legal, we honor that sex and human sexuality has a rightful and respectable place in this world and those that choose to perform sex work are comfortable with their sexuality, and heroes of their profession. Did I stutter?

{Sidebar}:  Think about this. There are women in the world that cannot carry their children to term, so we have surrogate mothers who can safely carry a baby to term for them. Why then is the idea of legal sex work a difficult concept to embrace?  It kind of reminds me of the pro-life argument: “Don’t abort the baby, that’s immoral! Don’t give the child welfare benefits, that’s immoral! Let the rapist have parental rights! That’s moral!” Welcome to mass hysteria, y’all. I know, it ain’t pretty. 

3.) Legal Sex Work Could Eliminate Child Human Trafficking.

There are children, I mean little baby children, precious and innocent, being subjected to sexual acts against their will. They are being shipped like commodities: kidnapped from their homes or born into the world of sex work from the birth canal of a twelve year old only to know this dark legacy. Slavery is alive and well, people. If sex work were legal, it could neutralize the black market. There could be age limits set in place, criteria that had to be met, which means there would be more of an urgency to crack-down on child rape. But alas, the powers that be have been too busy incarcerating black males for having an ounce of weed on their person. FTS.

4.) Sex Work is Recession Proof, Could Possibly end Wars.

What if General Electric, the largest manufacturer of weapons of war (and the owner of NBC), invested in the industry of sex work instead of weapons manufacturing? There could be colleges of human sexuality, birth control would be accessible, legal, safe and plentiful. There would be so much demand! Sex is a sustainable industry because it is natural and necessary for human growth and development.  The spread of disease could be eliminated with proper education, the overpopulation issue could be solved without this moral imbalance that is killing our planet. Sex could save the world. Open your heart, mind, and legs.

P.S. Sex and love are mutually exclusive, but can be integrated to work together.

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