Prayer for Abandonment Issues

So, you now how I once sought love in all the wrong places? I sought validation from people who ended up leaving me behind? That was the pinnacle of my suffering.

Starlight over Gethsemane

One person is all people. If one of us dies, we all die; if one of us succeeds we all succeed. We are in sacred union with one another no matter where we are in the world, what form of matter we assume.

Healing the Body of Christ, A Wish List

Somewhere along the way, we stopped following Christ and instead followed political oligarchs who fed us a taste of supremacy and tempted us with the idea that our brothers and sisters and children from all over the world were not, at all, like us. If you had a wish list for the progress and health of the body of Christ what would it be?

The Aftermath of A New Identity

Hello? God? I thought that this was going to be an adventure, like an 80’s montage where I am trying on clothes, dancing through the mall with teased hair. Where is my spandex? Where are my legwarmers? Where is John Cusack?

A Breath of Life

Who could ever escape meeting your face?

Who would ever want to?

Journeys through Water, Spirit, Blood.

Our purpose, to transcend our human limitations for the glory of God, requires a faith so great that we must maintain a continual overflow of peace, joy, and illumination from the Holy Spirit. We need clean, healthy and perfect water for such a task, and we need to bathe ourselves in it.

Divine Voices: When a Whisper Becomes a Bellow

God will not stop communicating, speaking to and through our lives. We do not have to believe in the power of divine communication for God to speak directly to us. It may not be a burning bush; it could be a bellow, a song on our playlist, a barking dog, a major global event, or just a simple pause. The question is, how do we tune into the right frequency of preparedness to hear what God exhorts?

The Great Escape

When the day comes and the veil is lifted,
and my eyes no longer serve me,
and my humanity is so heavy it curves my back,
and my children’s children are great and wise,
I will lift my tongue and remove the key,
break myself and fly away.